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Monday, May 31, 2004

The youthful, Manhattan-dwelling Kaped Krusader demonstrates the paradoxical coexistence of loathing and lust so common between nemeses in his YPR interview:

Y.P.R.: We're not sure we buy that answer. By your defintion, all interviews are, technically, interviews with interviewers, and then we just lost our hook. Oh, well, moving on--C’mon spill it: Who was your best interview? Your worst?

A.K.: I’m a sucker for multimedia. Daniel Gregory sent in drawings and Paul Ford offered his best NPR voice on an Mp3 file. As far as the worst, definitely Lockhart Steele. He was the first one out of the gate and he did a magnificent job of setting the bar as low as possible. I still stub my toe on it sometimes.

And then, mere questions later:

Y.P.R.: Can you kick Lockhart Steele’s ass?

A.K.: Sure but I prefer to give it a solid man-pounding.

When the AK unloads, will Glockhart return fire, or will he turn the other "cheek" to the Other Page?

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

What does Krumaster think of Steele Pulse's new endeavor as a real-estate gossip columnist?

preach people, preach! yes, lockhart steele may be the whitest person alive. to see him dance would harken back to an era of america no one wants to remember.

but seriously, for most new yorkers (native or not) real estate was interesting to talk about for the first couple years of living here. after that it's a sign of where good conversations go to die.

The TMFTML comment section is quickly challenging that of TOTC for relevant barb-harvesting. Perhaps a "TMFTML vs. TOTC Comments: Acronyms Attack!" blog is in order?
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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Reacting to a slobbering profile on the Man of Steele in the Villager, Herschel Krucoffsky opines:

has anyone embraced being a "blogger" more than lockhart steele? that's pretty scary stuff. oh, and HE has already been profiled in the resident, the print version not online. oddly the reporter contacted me as the lone voice againt him yet she didn't use any of my quotes. i know, quite shocking.

Hell hath no envy like a blogger spurned...
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Monday, May 17, 2004

When is a retreat not really a retreat? When is a concession really an attack? When "Sun-Tzucoff" is in action, that's when.

I tip my hat, offer some advice about lubricants, and officially recognize Lockhart Steele as King (or Queen) of the Bloggers. Wear that tiara proudly, man.

At first we saw the brief life of this blog flash before our eyes, which then parsed it for valid markup and converted into an atom feed, as Kru-gawk feigned surrender, but soon understanding spread like the crows feet on his leathery aging face. The sar-chasm is deep and wide, as we're sure the Steeley one can attest.
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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Be Steele my beating Hart! Preferred battleground TOTC heated up today upon news that a certain LES blogger had to abandon his gilded chariots - but not who you might think!

More fallout from the much-bandied-about taxi fare hike: Now Andrew Krucoff must ride the subway to work like a normal human being. Krucoff has been playing the "common man" angle to Lockhart Steele's prissy socialite in their highly-publicized feud, so the revelation that he has been riding a golden rocket to work every morning (to the Upper East Side, no less) has totally turned this war totally upside down. Brain fuck!

Indeed! And Steele Magnolia himself wasted no time in getting his Kruc-on in the comments:

AK-47? A hypocrite? Who woulda thunk it!

But faster than you can say "trailing preposition" (a mere 22 minutes in fact), I-am-not-a-Kruc retaliates:

i do believe it's mr steele who hip-flops on most issues depending on the audience he is talking to. it is unfortunate i work in an UES hospital, but i cant help that i dont have some cool downtown job.

The "it's not me - it's my job!" defense. Good thing A. Crew works at a hospital - he leaves us in stitches every time.
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Saturday, May 01, 2004

A lunge from Andrew (W.)K.: TOP's latest post invokes an interesting Turn Of Phrase:

Everyone stop, this is silly. "There goes the neighborhood" has been thrown around this island since it was bought for 60 guilders worth of Dutch crap. The most obnoxious voices in debates of "sooooul-ruuuuining arrrrrchitecture" and displacement of mom-and-pop stores are almost always the so-called "activists" with no sense of history other than their own. NYC (and its future) is (and will always be) based on the concept of growth and change. It's an endless loop of development, construction and protest where the only differences are the people with short-term memories.

Hmm... there's an allusion in there somewhere. Oh yes: where have we heard "soul-ruining architecture" before?

Looks like the Kutting Kru wants the Hart-Lock Cafe to die in his arms tonight. It must have been something he said.

Might we see a swift riPOSTe?
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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Is all quiet on the Lower-Eastern Front?

It would seem so. But perhaps the Alloyed powers are baiting Krusolini, laying low and preparing to launch a major Croffensive. Time will tell.
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